Arduino upload from Solar panels to website (FTP)


Ive got an idea to use the Arduino to upload Solar panel usage data (from Sonny Beam device) to my ISP hosted website via FTP, so I can view the data from anywhere.

The Sonny Beam is has a USB interface, and I need to connect to my wireless router via Wireless Ethernet.
Im a relative newby, so what do I need ?
Here's my thoughts ...
Harware requirements :

  • Ardiono Dela
  • Wireless 11G/b ethernet shield (which one, any recomendations ?) or Ethernet shield (to connect to router)

Software requirements :

  • Serial for USB capture of the Sonny Beam device information
  • Poll serial device for new data on a time (daily or weekly etc), or on output from Sonny beam
  • FTP library to upload data directly to file via Ethernet

Any ideas comments or suggestions gratefull received...?

I assume you would want the Arduino to act as the USB host controller, in which case you probably need to add a shield for that.

Will you be powering this from the solar panel? Does it provide enough power to support all this hardware 24/7? It would be ironic if your monitoring system consumed more power that the panel produced.

Hi Peter, thanks for the reply.

Im not sure what you mean by host controller - I am making an assumption the Sunny Beam can simply be polled via the Arduino USB port periodically. If thats the case, then I only need an Ethernet or wireless shield to connect to the router and some FTP library to send the data to the ISP website.
I am expecting to power the arduino separately - but it could be powered from the USB of the Sunny Beam (although I need to check the specs)... and no - the solar panels on the house generate about 3Kw even at this time of year! :slight_smile: