Arduino usb board + LCD + MMA7260Q

I have Arduino USB Board, HD44780 lcd, MMA7260Q, i am trying to make a simple accelerometer, having the MMA7260Q, display to the lcd, i got the lcd to work and display my static coordinates, am i on the right track? i have the accelerometer connected to the arduino analogin ports 3, 4, 5 = x, y, z. not sue on how to make the MMA7260Q dispaly to the lcd at this point, any help with this will be greatly appreciated, pictures to come.

#include <LCD4Bit.h> 
LCD4Bit lcd = LCD4Bit(2); 
void setup() { 
  lcd.cursorTo(0, 0);   //static text
  lcd.cursorTo(0, 8);
  lcd.cursorTo(2, 0); 
  lcd.cursorTo(2, 8); 
void loop() {