Arduino USB Host Shield custom device

I am making a project and i need to comunicate my arduino with an USB HID device that does not have an existing library, so how do i start?

From what i have researched i will need an usb host shield so the arduino can act as a host, but how do i send a request to the device and how do i read the data it will send ?

I have the documentation of the device it says i need to send:

Vendor_ID: 0x082
Product_ID: 0x01

Allocate buffers for 3 input reports (27 bytes)

Send 0x00, 0x00, 0x82, 0x66

Can someone help me?

Here is some information about USB host shield HID devices.

Thank you i read the link you mentioned and understood some things but i still have doubts..

Now i know i need to get report from the HID device but how do i do that?
my aplication just needs to get the report, i have all the data do write a parser myself but i am stuck at getting the report itself can you help me?

Take a look at the le3dpro driver for a Logitech USB HID joystick. An example is included with the above library. Or take a look at the USB HID keyboard driver.

You might take a look at the github repo for the USB Host Shield Library. The issues sections may have discussion about your device.