Arduino USB <-> Serial Adapter as MIDI Device with LUFA

Hi everyone
me and some friends are working on a project for a midi controller, we ran into a problem which I think is quite a classic looking on the internet because we have read of all types of answers but with few results .

Our system is based on these basic components:

  • Arduino Yun
  • Arduino USB Serial Light Adapter
  • Other various sensors …

Our first test was made using Processing (as a software to calibrate sensors and other rubbish) and some MIDI library to send signals to the program (Ableton, Logic, Etc…), immediately we realized that the biggest problem was to not have a plug ’ n’ play MIDI device , and so we were forced to use MIDI Yoke (win) or IAC Driver ( mac ) . Trying to solve this problem we decided to buy the USB < → Serial Adapter and reprogram it as a MIDI device with LUFA . On the web we found little or nothing , we would like to know if any of you can help us to flash the chip ATmega8U2 (the adapter ) to make it work as a MIDI device .

Any suggestions?

Thank you all in advance !

[ UPDATE ] We obviously want to use the adapter to prevent changes the Arduino Yùn USB , which must remain as stock for future changes to the code ! smiley- grin

Hi, Andrea

Why don't you use MocoLUFA.

If you are going to use 8u2, you need ISP programmer.


I know this is an old thread, but it shows up in Google and I thought I could add some info. Delete it if necessary. :D

There's an official Arduino tutorial on this exact topic here: