Arduino USB to power breadboard? (Monski Pong)

Hi all -

Wondering if one can strictly use USB power from the Duemilanove to power a breadboard?

The context would be for within the first Monski Project in “Making Things Talk,” where it’s not entirely clear to me whether I need to purchase/order a 9v battery caps+batteries or chargers.

For those who don’t have this book, you’re just connecting 2 Flex Sensors (Jameco part # 150551) and 2 momentary switches (Jameco part # 174414) to the Duemilanove through a breadboard.

The reason why I ask instead of just trying, is that I’m TAing a class where we’ll be giving this project out. I would need to order a BUNCH of 9v batteries+caps||wall adapters, which I would rather not do unless I really have to! It’s too short notice to order a personal kit in advance as we’re starting next week :wink:

Any help appreciated! :slight_smile:

Assuming your stuff on the breadboard uses 5V and isn’t too heavy on current, you can use the Duemilanove powered by USB to feed 5V to the breadboard. I do it all the time…

Yes using USB power will be fine for your needs. Plug the Arduino in via USB then use the +5V and ground off the arduino to the breadboard. That how i power most my projects. If it needs more i use my wal-wart or i use a voltage regulator i put together to give me 5V from a 9V battery on the breadboard while the arduino still uses USB.

Awesome - thanks for the help!!!