Arduino USB Trouble

Hi guys, 1 year ago I bought an Arduino UNO board with the starter kit, and I'm sure that the Arduino kit is original because I already made a lot of projects with it. But now I can't connect the Arduino to the computer and I don't understand why. I reinstalled Arduino software and I refollowed the instruction for the installation of the driver, but when I choose the folder where the driver is, the computer says that "any drivers are in this folder" (i choose the "drivers" folder in C:/Programs/Arduino). So I followed other instruction but when the driver is installed, the computer give me the error:"code 10. Impossible to make the dispositiv work". PLEASE GUYS CAN YOU HELP ME?

Is the green LED on ?!

Code 10, i've never found

Yes, the green light is on...

follow these steps: open your IDE,in the empty sketch press upload, press the reset button (while it uploading) open the device manager and reset your arduino. Try to memorize the bootloader COM port (It will appear for few seconds only) go to your IDE->File->Preferences open the preferences txt file, you will find it in the directory shape. change serial.port.file & serial.port to the COM port you saw in the device manager. close the file and return to the IDE. repeat the first step again. It worked for me with two devices :)

but how can I upload the empty sketch if the Arduino software can't see the COM PORT where the Arduino Board is? I can choose only the COM 1 or the COM 3, but in the Device manager I see that the Arduino is on another COM port (obviously with the danger picture)

I think you forgot to install the driver for the board, try to re-install it and ALLOW a new driver

Alberto93bussini this is the point exactly .. just to make conflict