Arduino usbport not showing up on serial ports (mac).

Hi Everyone,

Only recently my computer (Macbook Pro Retina 2014) has been very abnormal when communicating with my Arduino Uno R3 , after several months of working fine. At first, the IDE would just lag like crazy, and not upload to the board with error responses everytime.

However now /dev/tty.usbport............ does not even show up under my serial ports sub menu! Below is an image of what options I currently have.

I have tried installing the new FTDI drivers etc etc and have no ideas on what to do to get this to work. Please suggest any possible ways I can fix this.

ALSO, when I connect my IR sensor to the arduino's power source (In addition to two continuous and one normal servo powered thorugh 4 external AA batteries), all the lights on the board immediately go off, that is when I plug the ground or postive lead to either the arduino power supply strips on the breadboard or the batteries power supply strips. This might be because the soldering to the IR sensor wasnt great for its ground terminal (when lead is pulled, all goes on, when left alone, all goes off) but regardless of that it shoudnt power off the entire board right??

Overall, my board has been giving me loads of issues since my application of it into an autonomous robot I've been building. Any help would be Massively appreciated! :D

Thanks!!! :D

Sounds like your IR sensor is faulty and shorting out the power on the Arduino.

Hmm, the IR sensor shorting out is a possibilty (my impecable soldering :P), that can be fixed. How about the serial port issue though? That has seriously been getting on my nerves now for more than two weeks so far.