Arduino used in Science Centers or Museums?

Hi All, Fantastic Forum. I work in museums and interested in finding out about people who have used Arduinos in Science Center exhibits or other museum exhibits. Anyone know of exhibits that have used Arduino? Forums that discuss Arduino use in museums?


Seen this one ? -,95544.0.html -

Thanks robtillaart ! Great example of using Arduino in a museum.

Does anyone know of other examples? I found an article in the New York Times:

Interested in finding out more specifics of uses in museums.


another discussion thread -,92974.0.html - about museum ...

And if you look at the Exhibition / Gallery subsection you will find many projects woth to be shown in an tech museum (and I mean this in a positive way :)

ANd on the internet there are many amazing things done with an Arduino ==> youtube arduino e.g. - -

Nate Seidle (of Sparkfun) rebuilt a really neat "IR harp" project called the "Illumitune" at some museum in Colorado. It's really neat!