arduino users in berlin for bee monitoring project?

hi you all, the plan is to develop and build a bee hive monitoring system during wintertime, aprox 10-15 meetings bi-weekly , is someone interested in supporting the project with his/her knowledge?

Hi, sounds interesting. Do you have already an idea? I will not have that much time but if i can be of any help please don´t hesitate contacting me.

hi, the plan is to track temperature, humidity, weight of the hive, maybe record sounds or have a camera outside for life view… solar cell and electronic for charging… something like everything! would be cool to have your support!

hi over there,
cool to have you with us.
there is a pad online to chare resources and links of similar projects for inspiration and research.
and there is a doodle of course to find a first date in october.
hope to see you soon.

first meeting will be oct, 18th at 6pm. pse write a message for details.