Arduino using MIDI input for Keyboard Output.

Hello All, I'm new to arduino but I have experience with PICAXE and have since decided to look at using Arduino for some other projects....

I'm asking about the feasability of a project I have "drawn up" in my mind... I'm interested to find out if it is possible to have MIDI data fed to the arduino from say a MIDI Piano, the Arduino would then interpret this as key information (like the keyboard you type on)and output this via USB so a computer could recognise the data as keys being pressed...

The reason I ask about this is that I use 3Ds Max for special effects, the program can use devices like MIDI and keyboards to drive animations (or simply make things change) but the MIDI function doesn't work like a simple "Low C is played, change value, move etc" but the keyboard function does work this way e.g "key Y is held, object moves, Key Y is let go, object moves back"

Therefore if the Arduino can be used to take MIDI input from the Piano and output it as keyboard instructions I could overcome the "shortcoming" in 3Ds Max...

Any help would be greatly apreciated, I'm sure this project has a whole load of issues to face, if it's even possible.

I'll gladly reply with as much information as I can regarding question.

Many thanks.

if you have a teensy that program would be trivial. they have native usb keyboard/mouse support so when you plugged it in it would show up as a keyboard. the libraries are already there. i'm pretty sure the arduino uno can support changing its usb description from serial to whatever but im not sure how much support there is for that. and once you change it you can no longer upload sketches as the serial port is then gone. do you have a board yet?

Hi, sorry about the late reply. I do not have a board yet but I do intend to because of the vast scope of things the Arduino can do, regardless of if this "idea" would work or not.

im personally fond of the teensy. most arduino libraries are compatible with it, but its not an officially supported board, so it might be a little harder to use. but the keyboard mouse and serial libraries make creating hid devices pretty easy. also its substantially smaller than the uno and fits on a breadboard.