Arduino v 1.6.8

Hi, All. I installed this version and found out why I lost so much time trying to figure out what was wrong:
SRAM. THANKs to the team.
Do I need to be online to install cores for ATtiny? If not , how do I do that; Thanks.

Have you already downloaded the Attiny stuff?

You should edit your Original Post and change the title to "How to install Attiny cores?"


Sorry about that. I had older versions and Mark Sprouls cores without problems.
But one of my projects ran out of SRAM and did wrong stuff.
I tried almost everything and forgot about it for a while. but before taking it again I installed v1.6.8
Couldnt add the tinys with boards manager because I dont have internet at home.

Im trying this for the moment:

Supported IDE versions
ATtinyCore (Universal) works with all versions of the official IDE (from ) from version 1.6.3 onwards. For board manager installation, 1.6.4 or later is required. Due to serious bugs introduced in 1.6.6, 1.6.7, 1.6.8, and 1.6.10
version 1.6.9 or 1.6.5r5 of the IDE is recommended.
Board Manager Installation
This core can be installed using the board manager. The board manager URL is:

  1. File -> Preferences, enter the above URL in "Additional Board Manager URLs"
  2. Tools -> Boards -> Board Manager... *If using 1.6.6, close board manager and re-open it (see below)
  3. Select ATtinyCore (Universal) and click "Install".
    Due to a bug in 1.6.6 of the Arduino IDE, new board manager entries are not visible the first time Board Manager is opened after adding a new board manager URL.
    Manual Installation
    Option 1: Download the .zip, extract, and place in the hardware folder inside arduino in your documents folder. (if there is no (documents)/arduino/hardware, create it)
    Option 2: Download the github client, and sync this repo to (documents)/arduino/hardware.

Ill let you know; Thanks.

My core will work under 1.6.11 as well, I will update the readme page.

The reason I specifically recommend against 1.6.8 is that under windows, it will continually open and close every serial adapter connected to the computer as long as the IDE is running, unless the serial monitor is open. This means that every connected "normal" arduino (one that uses the dtr reset trick like the uno/nano/pro mini/etc) will reset constantly and sketches won't run (unless you open serial monitor). 1.6.8 is basically unusable on windows.