Arduino v usb keyboard problem doesn´t work

Hello, first I am from Czech republic and I am 13, so I am not good in English. Please don´t judge me :) . I have got arduino uno with ch340 and atmega 328 smd from ebay. And I have got arduino mega 2560 - original from Italy. I want to connect arduino by emulating keyboard to my PC. Both of arduinos work very well because i have maked tuns of codes, so they are right. I wired circuit from practical arduino book and upload program to arduino. I yoused arduino vusb 005 library and arduino 1.0.5r2 IDE. When I connect my usb connector, PC sayes "device was not identifyed". First i tryed it with arduino uno. And if you look on beginig of the loop function there is digitalWrite function to the pin 13 - on built arduino LED - so it method is that the LED will blink. But if I upload program to UNO, all LEDs on arduino including Rx and Tx will constantly shine. So i tryed with original MEGA 2560 - Rx and Tx Leds are off, but d13 LED is constatly on. Is there enyone , who knew where is problem? I use 0.5W zener 3v6 Please hep me

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marouncz: I use 0.5W zener 3v6

For what?

[quote author=Runaway Pancake link=msg=2816912 date=1466971506] For what?

[/quote] The 3.6V zeners (2x) "clips" the 5V digital signal to make it compliant w/ the USB D+/D- lines. Not all 3.6V zeners work however because of the PN juction capactiance.


I used to play around with this stuff a lots - then got bored :o


V-USB and ArduinoIDE 1.0.5 should work correctly. The only critical hardware components are the 2 zeners. I went through several failures and finally found the Vishay one which works.

Really, the only way to know is to try unless you have access to an oscilliscope. V-USB works well on PCs with USB 1.1ports, kind-of works OK on USB 2.0 ports, but is really problematic on USB 3.

Check out my V-USB projects for more in the previous post. Good luck,



But why,when i used the same code from examples and upload it in uno and mega- on uno all LEDs were constantly on including Tx and Rx and on mega was ON led on and L was constatly on- L wasnt blinking. And one more question. I want to make it on attiny 85 but this mcu have got only pins 0,1,2. But in examples code i couldnt find any variables with pin numbers. I will try to buy some smd Zeners with 0.125W Please why the same code on two arduinos didnt do the same LEDs on? Please answer Marek

Please really Help me!! I want to make something like usb keyboard.
Yesterday, I maked ps2 keyboard emulator, I tryed it on old computer and it worked, but i need something to put in usb

Here is video with this problem.

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I answered your private mail to me - but I am not pleased with your "please, please, please..." attitude. If I had the damn answer, you would have gotten it the first time in the forum.

Your attitude is one reason that I simply visit this forum once a week or less - as much as we senior members would like to drill a hole in your head and pour in the information, life does not work that way. Would be nice if it did, however :grinning:

Learning microelectronics and most other physical hobbies is about success and failure: these go hand-in-hand. You have to experiment, study, and experiment more to get good at this stuff. But 'good' does not mean you have all the answers ... just more than the majority of folks!

I gave you in my first answer everything I could think of... in addition, as I provided in the private email (never do this again), I gave you how to query Google for a site-specific search on the terms "V-USB and mrburnette" like this.