Arduino v1.0.1 IDE compiles larger code

I just connected up my wordclock that has an ATMega8 micro-controller to adjust a time drift constant and when I tried to re-compile it using the new Arduino 1.0.1 it reports the sketch is to big but compiling it under 1.0 it still fits (just). Has that much changed that would consume 182 bytes more for the same sketch?

Compiled under v1.0

Binary sketch size: 7108 bytes (of a 7168 byte maximum)

Compiled under v1.01

Binary sketch size: 7,290 bytes (of a 7,168 byte maximum) Sketch too big; see for tips on reducing it. at at at at$ at

This is feature bloat. Just use the older version if space is tight.

You could try posting a bug report here:

Hi Nick, Not sure if it's a bug as the code wont upload to test it. Looks like I will just have to keep a v1.0 in case I need to tweak it again though I had considered unsoldering the ATMega8 and replacing it with a ATMega328P. That would allow me to do full time and date adjustment (due to lack of program space I can only adjust time) and add scrolling messages. When I have finished my v2 wordclock that has a 328P I will re-visit this problem.

Interesting, what libraries are you using.

I have several programs that are just a bit smaller on 1.0.1 than on 1.0.

My SdFat example to compare the size of the SD.h library with SdFat is 11054 bytes on 1.0 and 10996 bytes on 1.0.1. Not much difference but in the right direction.

Programs with the Wire library seem to be bigger by at least 100 bytes on 1.0.1 than on 1.0.

Hi fat16lib,

I am using the Wire library so that may account for the size increase. Only other libraries are customized versions of MAX7219 & RealTimeClockDS1307.

Looks like I will just have to keep a v1.0 in case I need to tweak it again

I even keep an 0.22 alive as not all libs are 1.0 compatible... in fact I do most work on 0.22 (with some patches in the core)