Arduino V3 question

Hello, I am new to Arduino and i am looking to build a robot for my license project. I found an Arduino V3 board and I am not sure it could process fast fourier transform. My project is this: A robot listening and comparing samples to 5 presets, simply put, whistle patterns and then do something, like rotate for a few times. I need to know if Arduino's V3 16 mHz processor can do this in real time. Listening, comparing and executing if the compare is successful.

Please excuse my poor english grammar.

So your looking for voice recognition? There are VR shields you can buy online. Look into EasyVR.

So it can do that, awesome, thank you for the replies. And it’s not speech recognition, it’s more like listening and comparing a certain frequency (not the whole audio spectrum) that the whistle has.

Interesting question!

The idea of recognizing sounds as different but not full speech recognition would be useful. Anyone seen an example / library for that??


provide enough frequency fidelity? If the whistle occurred in one of its bands, and then you were looking for that band to go on-off-on-off in the desired pattern ...

MSGEQ7 - Hmmm. I have a couple of those.. Pretty wide range of bands for whistle though. More designed for driving a "color organ" display from wideband music. I have a student who is working on a helmet with RGB LEDS - fibreoptics driven by Arduino and a MSGEQ7 .

Are there any other tuneable narrow band filters that are digitally controllable??