Arduino + various different audio output?

Hey we’re working on an Arduino project where we’re trying to achieve different audio output.
We have 5 different components and we want them to each “play” a different mp3 track. However, we don’t want them to play their part until either they come into contact with another, or somehow a switch is activated.
This is a bit of a hair-brained concept and we’re new to this so any pointers would be madly appreciated.

The only question I have is: do you want the sounds to play simultaneously? You won't be able to have MP3's playing simultaneously unless you have several MP3 players.

Otherwise, it's easy to trigger MP3 files from events.

You could use our Rogue Robotics rMP3 and simply play the tracks as the components get triggered. Piece of cake.


if (componentTrigger1)
if (componentTrigger2)

If a track is started while another is already playing, the new one starts.

It's pretty easy - the only tough part is connecting and figuring out how/when your components trigger.

Tell us more about what you're doing and maybe more people will chime in with how to do the triggers.


Hey thanks for your reply, Yeah ideally we'd use a something like that but unfortunately we're in isolated little New Zealand and shipping takes too long. Well our ideas aren't set in concrete, it's basically got to the stage where we will doctor our concept to fit the electronics that we have achieved. But the interactions we had in mind: In the example of a family of russian dolls, the largest doll sits in the centre with all the smaller ones in a circle around. Each would have a different movement that would trigger a sensor in the big doll. For example: using an accelerometer, when one doll tips to the side, the pitch of the audio track is altered. Or using a proximity sensor, when a doll moves closer/further away to the "momma doll" the volume increases/decreases. The conceptual idea is that the "children's" behaviour affects the "mother's" reaction (audio output). I hope this makes sense! Cheers

I think I get it. I'm not sure if an accelerometer is the best choice, but it will definitely do the job. A tilt sensor or two would do great, I'd think, and they are much cheaper. Seeed has a tilt sensor, I think. Maybe you have more in mind with the accelerometer though.

For the audio, you can easily set the pitch and volume of the MP3 files on the rMP3 (or uMP3).

As for shipping... you can get it from Robot Parts - in Queensland (I think it's only AUD$9.00 to ship to New Zealand).