Arduino Vehicle Oil Pressure / Water Temperature Senders

Hello All,

I am very new to the forum, and learning everyday.

I have a question that I have looked all over for the answer. Sorry if somehow this is a repeat post.

I am replacing the dash in my drag car with a fully digital display using arduino and lcd displays.

I am trying to configure the coolant temp and oil pressure senders to the arduino. I do not want to use the vehicle's 12v (+) to the sensors, instead use 5v supplied by the arduino.

I have seen answers on using voltage dividers stepping the 12v down, but very few vague answers on 5v circuits.

Just for reassurance, I need to wire this as: Arduino (5v) - resistor - sender / tapping between resistor - sender to feed the read logic pin. Basically the same for both oil press and water temp.

My question is, can someone who has successfully done this, suggest the sending units and the resistor values for the divider.

Thanks in advance.