Arduino Vending Machine || Controlling Four Stepper Motors using Shift Registers

It's confusing to have another thread on this topic.

Voltage is one thing, current is another. Small 9V batteries can not power a motor. If you take a dozen or so and put them in parallel you'd stand a chance of powering one, maybe even two.

Motors and batteries are not good friends. If you must, use LiPo or similar. That other thread obviously explains quite well how to connect the second power source (just make sure to connect the grounds).

The ULN2003 is going to drop 1 volt so 4 AAs = 6V - 1V = 5V to motor. A tpic6B595 shift register has 8 channels and could drive 2 28BYJ-48s if programmed correctly, without ULN2003s. The tpic596N is rated 500 mA per channel. (Not continuous though)., Seems like one of that family is rated 350 mA but can’t find it quickly.

Okay, the idea of using double A batteries instead sounds good to me, i just was afraid of applying too little voltage but it seems as though using too little voltage is preferable to too much.

I am using the ULN2003 motor controller, i probably should have specified that earlier.

The thing I am wondering now though is that since theres four motors would i need more than 4 AA batteries?

Basically, the motors are part of a vending machine where once I insert a coin and push a button on the machine, one of the four motors will turn depending on what button you push and stop after a few seconds.

I sort of want to use Stepper motors since the next project I do will probably need some degree of accuracy.

Also I was planning on using 2 74HC595 shift registers to speak to the motors.

Thanks for all the help so far. please bear with me here I'm slowly learning aha.

The thing I am wondering now though is that since theres four motors would i need more than 4 AA batteries?

one of the four motors will turn

Well if only one is ever active at a time, that's really no different from having only one motor, I'd say.

(Presumably each motor somehow releases a product, maybe turning one of those spiral thingies?)

You could always use “D” size batts for longer run time, think I would get a 5 volt, 2 Amp wall wart.

Another option I am considering is to take a 9V battery and connect it to the four motors independently using a battery snap so that I can power the motors using the battery and the rest using the 5V from the Arduino.

Your phrase "using the 5V from the Arduino" is puzzling. The Arduino does not supply any 5 V, it requires a 5 V supply. What are you going to use to supply 5 V to it? :astonished:

One possibility is through the USB socket which you can supply using a 5 V "phone charger" but you can only supply about 500 mA for the Arduino and a few other devices this way.

Yeah Paul__B, pretty much what's been said in the guy's other post. Quite annoying that he has two going.

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I don't think the 28BYJ stepper will be upset by a slightly higher voltage - just check that it is not getting very hot. The ULN2003 can handle higher voltages.