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Hello guys, so i have this question. Is it possible to connect analog Vernier sensor ( to an Arduino UNO using this connector (British Telecom Connector - BTA (female) - PRT-12753 - SparkFun Electronics)? Here are the PIN specifications for connector:

British Telecom Analog (BTA)- Right Hand
Pin 1 = Sensor output (+/-10V)
Pin 2 = GND
Pin 3 = Vres (resistance reference)
Pin 4 = AutoIDENT (not supported on all sensors)
Pin 5 = Power (+5VDC)
Pin 6 = Sensor output (0-5V)

I've connected GND and 5V to an Arduino to power it and PIN number 6 so i would get this value like from other temperature sensors (not Vernier). But when the Arduino reads the PIN 6 it says 0. I don't know why? Please help.
Thanks :slight_smile:

SEarch the forum for "thermistor" since this is what you have.
"Temperature sensor: 20 kΩ NTC Thermistor".
Plenty of posts relating to them. But this one goes down in resistance as temperature rises. NTC.

There is a page on the sensor manufacturer's website that tells you how to connect it to an Arduino.


You might have to connect some of the other pins that you haven't used, such as pin3 Vres to Arduino analog input A4.

What do you read from GND to sensor output using a DMM ? (there is no code posted so we have no idea
it is correct)

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