Arduino version 18 Stepper Library Problem

Greetings all, The stepper library supplied with Arduino version 18 doesn't work properly when its member function "stepMotor" is used to control 4 outputs which drive a ULN2003 used to drive the phases of a catalog #27964 7.5 degree stepper motor. Perhaps this is an unitented use for the library however, everthing I read seemed to suggest otherwise.

To get the motor to commutate in full-step mode properly, I had to make the following change to the function: if (this->pin_count == 4) { switch (thisStep) { case 0: //1100 digitalWrite(motor_pin_1, HIGH); digitalWrite(motor_pin_2, HIGH); digitalWrite(motor_pin_3, LOW); digitalWrite(motor_pin_4, LOW); break; case 1: // 0110 digitalWrite(motor_pin_1, LOW); digitalWrite(motor_pin_2, HIGH); digitalWrite(motor_pin_3, HIGH); digitalWrite(motor_pin_4, LOW); break; case 2: //0011 digitalWrite(motor_pin_1, LOW); digitalWrite(motor_pin_2, LOW); digitalWrite(motor_pin_3, HIGH); digitalWrite(motor_pin_4, HIGH); break; case 3: //1001 digitalWrite(motor_pin_1, HIGH); digitalWrite(motor_pin_2, LOW); digitalWrite(motor_pin_3, LOW); digitalWrite(motor_pin_4, HIGH); break; } /me