Arduino very inconsistent

Hey, I have an Arduino Uno loaded with "Standard Firmata", hooked up via usb, through "serproxy", and into a flash application using as3Glue. On testing the code, when it didn't work I figured my code was messed up, but after an hour of debugging, I decided to try the packaged "as3glue standalone monitor" that comes with as3glue.

All it does is give you a GUI to easily set and un-set outputs on the arduino, while constantly reading inputs. Using this, the arduino is very, very inconsistent. I will hit the button to switch an output from low to high, and the LED attached to that output won't light up. Then I'll toggle it a couple times and it will work instantly for a couple clicks. There has to be some buffering error or SOMETHING that would prevent flash from quickly and accurately transmitting data to the arduino. Any ideas what to change/ what could be wrong?


So, your data goes though half a million pipes and conversions, it doesn't surprise me that the response is slow and erratic.

Presumably you downloaded the sketch via USB so proving the USB to serial path on the Arduino board and its processor are working fine. You'll need to try and track down where in your setup problems are happening - detective work.

I will hit the button

What button? How is it wired up? It's not floating is it?