Arduino VGA out on Two Monitors or more?

Hello i do not know if this is a programming question or what. So i posted in here.
I been playing around with VGA out and VGA out library. But i was wondering if it was possible to do more then One VGA monitor and Extend into two or more VGA monitors on the Arduino. I have a Mega board if that helps. But i was wondering If it was possible to do it. I want to build a 8 Bit wall with 2 up to 4 monitors using VGA?

No. The Arduino is totally maxed out with 1 monitor. How could it do 4?

Honestly that is agood Question. That is what I'm here to ask.

What my project I'm trying to do and I coulddo this with one big monitor or a 32 inch tv using VGA is that. I would like to build a 8bit Paint project. Like the old windows 3.1 days. It's more really for kids. And that is where it is going at for my niece and nephew. Well I'm going to build another one for me as well. First step is which Screen to do or if can do multiple screen. Well okay the Multiple screens are for me. They are getting a single Screen.

Then next step is to code it all. And paints that they make they can save it to a SD card and have it display later on if they like.