Arduino VHF Audio?

Hello a while back i have seen some webpage or forum about arduino and vhf audio someone was talking. Along the way i lost the page. I was wondering if this really possible to do? Don't you know some type of license to do something like this? Could it be possible to transmit some type of audio over vhf using a arduino?

Seeing as VHF is 80 to 120MHz and an Arduino runs at 16MHz then you can not do it directly.

Yes it is illegal. But an Arduino is not much use anyway if you must do it then there are simpler circuits.

Thanks mike i thought you might need a license for that what i found out is that it's a Ham shield. for ham radio. The thing is people are using this not only for audio but sending data too. But i didn't know you can also send data as well. Even though need a ham license.

Yes transmitting data has always been a part of the ham package on the higher bands, even before any one knew what it meant.

There is a ham system called packet radio that bundles the data into fixed packages and allows messages to be sent all on the same frequency for many conversations. Check it out.

With that mike doesn't that still require a ham license?

Yes you do.

Thank you mike.