Arduino + VIC

I'm relatively new to microcontrollers in general, but I have learned most of the basics. I am trying to set up a small sensor array, and output it to a TV. I have already successfully outputted to the serial connection on a computer, but want to do something a bit more complex. I found an MOS 6560-101 (a VIC from a VIC-20) laying around, and wondered if it would be possible to control it with my Arduino, and output the data from a simple sensor array (temperature, light, and a couple of buttons) to my TV. I found some datasheets, but I can't make any sense of them.

wondered if it would be possible to control it with my Arduino

"Possible", yes. But not "easy": the VIC was designed to work cooperatively on a bus shared with a 6502 CPU, and you'd need to simulate that interface. Being "relatively new to microcontrollers", you'll almost certainly find the project way beyond your current capabilities.

It could be an interesting and challenging learning experience, but, if what you're really interested in is gathering and displaying sensor data, you should check out products like the MicroVGA.

I was just wondering, seeing as I already had one. Oh well, I'll just have to save up a bit of money and buy something like MicroVGA. I may come back to this once I learn a bit more about how the VIC and the 6502 CPU work together, or at least figure out how to read the datasheets better.