Arduino / Video / SD Card? To much?

Hi Folks,

I am still very much a noob when it comes to Arduino. Having fun though...

I want to get a little camera, something along the lines of, and using the Arduino, log the video ( and possible GPS data at a later stage) to SD card. I am not looking for compression or any other hard work, simple to take the video (not still jpg) and log to sd card. If using a video with composite out is simpler, that is also fine.

Am I being overly optimistic? ::) How about including audio? :P

Cheers, Crispin p.s. I'm guessing HD is out the question? :-[

(kidding on the last one BTW. I know you would need the "Dual Core"Arduino for that. :) )

Hi Folks,

Am I being overly optimistic? ::) How about including audio? :P

In short yes and forget it.

Thanks for the somewhat short answer.

I'll think again then...

Cheers, Crispin

YOO CAN DO IT (Wait...what was his name, Sandler's role in 50 first dates...)

Audio is out of the question immediately, you MIGHT be able to do some GPS logging to SD, but no camera work :/

:'( I've done a bit more reading and have more of an understanding of what is needed. "More of an understanding" is one up from zero understanding. There is a thread, 7 pages long, on the SparkFun forum where the guys are trying to get it right with other "stuff". They keep referring to "bigger one needed" and FIFO "stuff".


Cheers, Crispin

Curious though as to why you say "might". I would have thought it was well within the limits. Just guessing. Still have to read.


I say might because I haven;t looked into how many pins are needed for both the SD adapter and GPS unit, and didn't feel like looking, so just to be on the safe side, I said might :/

logging GPS data alone should not be a problem, i think a bunch of people have done that

You can do the GPS and the SD card, SD card can be done with SPI and a floppy connector and there is either an I2C or SPI GPS module.

You will not be able to do video but find a cheap digital camera that takes an SD card, strip it down to bare essentials and control when it takes a picture with the arduino. You can use a counter in the arduino to know when to stop taking pix.

All of those things have been done separately. You should be able to do it with as few as 6 i/o pins. You might even be able to stick a temp sensor in there. ;)