Arduino Video tracking

Just wondering if it's possible using ONLY arduino board and shield, to make video tracking device? I know it's possible using your PC +arduino to make such things.
I found this site, maybe this is a solution ?

Track what?

Arduinos and video dont always go well together and a PI might be better.

Unless you mean something LIKE THIS

In which case yes.

But they're using a PC to interpret the images from the webcam - all the Arduino is doing is driving the motors (and probably reading the motion sensors)

You can use the VideoExperimenter to track a bright (or dark) object in the image, but that's about it.
I think the library includes example code.

@ Awol

I know but I out it in JIC he was on about another video " tracking "

I built a small version of that and they can do quite a bit through the interface.
Mine tracked my cats and pointed a laser ahead of them fun for a while.

CMUcam Pixy is good fun, and probably just as capable.