Arduino Videos!

Hey Guys I am creating videos of every arduino project i do. currently theres just basic objects as i just got a starter kit a few days ago enjoy :)

Nicely done.

After a year or so recording videos of projects, or anything for that matter really pays off, makes for a good way to gauge progress.

im uploading an lcd video later, including hello world example and a time and date example eta for upload : 30 mins

Added to play list

And where is play list?

Thanks guys and keep watching the videos now 238 views from just my arduino videos , more coming soon when i get my lcd libarys

keep watching them , found a load of old leds so i might try and make something out of them

no luck with the LEDS. keep watching while i save up for more parts over 370 views now

over 400 views now keep watching while i keep saving up for new parts