Arduino + VisualStudio2010

Hi, Currently, I'm using Visual Studio 2010 to write c++ code. Also the visual assisst is installed. They provide a friendly GUI for the development. Compared to Aruduino official IDE, VS has some obvious advantages. Such as the C++ key words are highlighted, it is easy to go to the definition of the library functions, and so on. I want to use VS to write the Arduino code. Is there a workarond to implement this?

Any comment is appriciated.

Currently, I'm using Virtual Studio 2010 to write c++ code.

Virtual Studio? Is that anything like Visual Studio?

Correct the typo. Actually I'm using Visual Studio.

C’mon. Anyone? I’d love to do this too!

“Visual Studuino”

It’s even got a cool name. ;D

you need to write a plugin for the VS environment that calls the Arduino compiler. I think VS does not allows another compiler and as far as I known it doesn't cross compile. Another option is to use SharpDevelop, not as good as VS but opensource so you have something to spend the coming long winternights :) Starting point maybe

I configured the makefile myself and added the GNU make command as the external tools to Visual Studio. It works, but not friendly enough.

It would be perfect if there already exists an Open Source project for this kind of Addin.

This isn't a direct answer to your question, but faced with a similar quest I installed code::blocks. It is a free C++ IDE which can be configured for the AVR toolchain used by Arduino, and includes features like syntax highlighting, intellisense and a lot of other good stuff.