arduino voice recognizer

hi i want to make the arduino voice recognition and voice turn something or make a noise but I want to make it as simple as possible if someone has an idea, because I look and found that with this chip I SOMO 14D) may but need it smallest possible, if anyone has a tutorial or something like that thanks

There is a library called uSpeech (microspeech) installing the library and attaching a mic with a preamp circuit to an analog pin seems the easiest way to go. I've yet to get it to work. The arduino just isn't powerful enough to run full-blown jarvis-like speech recognition sadly.

There are other boards such as the easyVR that are pretty good at voice recognition.

Anyway have fun, I'm doing the same exact thing right now. Trying desperately to get the commands "Nova" "Engine ON" to start up my Chevy Nova through a relay circuit and rasperry Pi

What are the others that can be comparated to the easyVR?

This shield is very hard to find out to buy.
I don´t know why but where it is avaliable it is very expansive or in a place that will take so long to get here in Brazil.

So…is there any alternative to the easyVR?


Try this:

Here is a Circuit Cellar article, Feb. 1998, that describes word recognition on a low powered HC705. You will have to search the archives for the code though. (I know, it says geocities, WTF? But the link works) the link appears in a search for "embedded speech recognition system on 8-bit mcu"

In one of my posts I explain how to implement speech recognition using just an Arduino connected to a PC running BitVoicer. I think you may want to take a look at it: