arduino voyager suggestions

for the next arduino formfactor, i would suggest to stick to the .1 raster with the connectors. now h have to have two separate connectors to the binary in/out pins, because the connectors on the arduino are not both on a .1 raster.

otherwise is the "Voyager" of course a perfect name for the bluetooth version... :)


thanks for the feedback.

the reason they are not aligned is because we made a mistake in the first board that we carried on because of compatibility with the “shield” extensions.

changing it might require quite a bit of extra documentation :slight_smile: but it’s something we should consider for the next batch of 10000 we are making now…

As far as names are concerned I tend to prefer italian names because Arduino was born in italy (the board… also the king but it’s another story…) and it’s still manufactured in Ivrea.

In a globalised world where everything tends to become the same it’s nice not to use an english name for arduino:)

btw NG means Nuova Generazione


of course i was hinting at the Star trek series. i bet they could use some Arduino's in the making of the decors...

nice to know where the connector glitch came from.

nice reference :)

The actual arduino history should be told it's full of nice little stories....

starting from the fact that the name comes from a bar....


Of course you could choose names from the infinite choices of coffee you can get at a bar in Italy:

macciato Latte espresso cappuchino etc..

or whines. as long as its a type of food...

BTW, nice picture from you on the Mediamatic site after the workshop there:


what will be the name of the bluetooth arduino?

In the end I think it will be arduino BT ....

We don't have to be creative all the time :)

The next Arduino Board which will be made in 2007 will be called Arduino Diecimila

diecimila = Ten Thousands... so you can figure out why it's called like that :)


Why not: Arduino DaVinci

Bluetooth gives you freedom (no wires anymore), Leonardo Da Vinci (, amongst other things, designed one of the first flying machines ( that lead to the airplanes we use nowadays and gives us much freedom too.