Arduino vs Arduino Mini - 6 vs 8 ADCs?

I recently upgraded to a Wiring board to get the 2 extra analog inputs (8 instead of Arduino's 6). I'm working on a project that may eventually become a kit and I'd like to be able to spec the Arduino as the logic board. I saw the great thread on how to use 4051 to multiplex analog inputs so hopefully this will be the solution and I won't have to require kit builders to buy the more expensive Wiring board just for the 2 extra inputs.

But while researching I found that the Arduino Mini has 8 ADCs. Also, the Wiring board uses the ATMEGA128, and has 8 ADCs. Why does the Arduino NG have only 6? Is it a design thing or is the little 168 different than the big one?

Also, I found somewhere a spec that listed the ATMEGA168 used on the Mini as actually having 6 10-bit ADCs and 2 8-bit ADCs. But my Wiring board (which uses the small ATMEGA128) does not seem to act differently on the extra 2 ADCs.

Can anyone clear this up for me?

The mini uses a 32 lead SMT package; the NG uses a 28 pin DIP package. The mini's ATmega simply has more pins. The engineers designing the DIP package had to give up something, and they chose the two extra analog inputs.