Arduino vs Genuino

Dear All I just observed a new product : Genuino.

I am in Europe and I am working with Arduino Mino Pro and I do not see an equivalence with Genuino.

Why Arduino is now for US, there is a legal reason?

If I order it by Sparkfun, does it will be delivered to Switzerland Does Arduino will be delivered to Swiss or Europe shop

Does a equivalence Genuino Mini Pro will be available, soon?


pierrot10: Why Arduino is now for US, there is a legal reason?

Basically, yes, it is for legal reasons.

It is part of the on-going fight between (here), and (who has split off and claims to be the "true" Arduino. Not many folks on here agree with that stance). Genuino is apparently a new name for Europe to address an issue with who holds the Arduino trademark in Europe (at least that is my understanding. Someone correct me if I got that wrong please). (here) is trying hard to sell all the boards in Europe as well (as Genuino). However, I don't know about the Pro Mini board. I think that the Pro Mini was initiated by Sparkfun, and Sparkfun sells them.

Meanwhile, Adafruit have started their own Arduino compatible boards : Feather. They call the add-on boards: "Wings".

It would have been so much better if and and Sparkfun and Adafruit and Seeedstudio would have joined together and everyone of them could make official Arduino boards. That would have been a good example for everyone of open source and open hardware. I think that was the goal of, but then got in the way.