Arduino vs Roomba

There doesn't seem to be a forum here to just heap praise on the Arduino, but this one comes close for me.

I kept seeing stuff about this mysterious Arduino but even though I've done a few things with a Basic Stamp, I never really connected them in my mind....That is until I bought a Roomba, ostensibly to clean my floors.

After some unrelated difficulties with my old stamp, I decided to try the Arduino. Wow! What a step up! It's so fast and the C programming is so easy compared to dealing with all the limitations I had before.

It was easy to get the Arduino to control the Roomba, but not so easy for the Roomba to talk back. I finally solved it by putting a pair of inverters (4049) connected in series (like double ROT-13 encryption) between the data from the Roomba and pin 0 on the duemilenove.

Having gotten it all working, I got the Roomba to show its holiday spirit and play Jingle Bells. I'll get the video up in the Exhibition forum soon.

It's a wonderful product, I can't wait to dream up my first real project!

Glad your having fun. And yes, who would have believed that they could take a C/C++ based IDE platform and make it useful for even raw beginners? Sure some stumble at first, but with the help available around here, progress is assured.

Arduino, yes it can! yes it does!