arduino vx bx24 etc

I am looking to upgrade from the BX24 and others, is this a good move?

CJGPOKNY2: I am looking to upgrade from the BX24 and others, is this a good move?

Based on the quick specs here (if that is the BX24 you are talking about?):

I'd say the Arduino is fairly on-par hardware wise; difficult to say whether code execution is "faster" or not (I don't know anything about the BX24). In addition, you'd be using standard C/C++ for development, which opens things up a bit. Plus - being completely open source, you have -your choice- of tools and platform to use. The only real downsides would be the differences in coding environments, and the fact that C/C++ is different from BASIC.

The only other thing I can think of is the fact that the Arduino (standard ATMega328 based) has only 6 analog input pins, instead of 8; everything else seem equitable (and RAM is much greater in the Arduino - 2K vs 400 bytes! - and if you go to the Mega...). Depending on your application, this could be an issue (but if you really needed something better, hang an SPI/I2C ADC and use that instead).

Edit: I wanted to mention something else: An Arduino is going to cost you a great deal less than a BX24...

thanks for the reply.
I did some C programming a number of years ago to read data in from a printer port on a 386 computer so it probably won’t be hard to get back into it, just time consuming.
I guess the next step would be a Microchip PIC, but trying to decide which way to go.