Arduino w/ BT possible trigger

Hi everyone, I saw a similar topic in this forums and wanted to make my own in case the other author was asking the wrong question. The previous forum topic is: "". My question is very similar to this one, can a Arduino BT trigger something on an android phone which will cause it to open an app made by me?
"control smartphone with arduino - Programming Questions - Arduino Forum" from this last forum topic a gentlemen named PaulS states that the Arduino is a USB slave and the person needs a USB master.

More info:
I have an Arduino Nano which is connected to a HC-06 BT.
At the moment I have already connected the Arduino BT to my android moto z2 force and I'm able to turn on an LED.
I'm using MIT App Inventor 2 which I have apps which can give me location and temp.

Okay now for my initial thoughts: from the two topics above, I can understand this will/is very hard and need to figure out how to make it work a different way if the Arduino cannot do it.

I hope this topic isn't wasting anyone's time, sorry and thank you for all your help.
Also found this which the Arduino sends information to the Android which states on or off. I would need something similar to this but that an app can see this and get triggered.