Arduino w/EthernetShield>Tinkerproxy on local mac?

Hi, I was wondering if the Arduino ethernet shield can connect and send data to a Serproxy/Tinkerproxy server that is running on a computer in the local network? Sounds like a simple question but can't find the answer anywhere. Many thanks

What would you want the ethernet shield for ?, since the idea of Tinkerproxy is to make the arduino serial interface (or presumably USB - serial) accessible via the network interface on the PC. The ethernet shield is an alternative means of achieving the same thing without the PC.

Thanks, As the situation doesn't allow to go wired, I want to hook the Arduino via the Ethernet shield to a wireless router, and then connect to Tinkerproxy or an osc server on a computer in the lan. I haven't worked with the Ethernet shield before and don't know it that works? Thanks again

You don't need any kind of proxy if you're using an ethernet shield, you can just access it directly from the computer via most kinds of internet software (depending on your sketch of course). Heres one you can try now via your web browser :

If you hook it up to a wireless router, you'll be able to do it wirelessly via said router just the same.