arduino w/ gsm modem

Hello everyone…
I am trying to connect gsm modem w/ arduino.
I also tried connecting gsm modem to FTDI chip by removing the mcu and connecting Rx to Rx and Tx to Tx sending some commands.It worked perfectly fine.
Any help is appreciated…:smiley:


  1. Make Arduino and Gsm module communicate to each other.
  2. Identify the command given by the module when a phone call is made by any no. and switch on the LED on pin 13 of arduino.
    Refer attached file.
    Arduino Code:
    Refer attached file.
    Error coming on each programme is mentioned.
    Programme 1 → No output is shown on the serial monitor
    Programme 2 → Output is shown on the serial monitor but is reading junk values.
    Programme 3 & 4 → Not detecting the call. Performing only else loop.


arduino email.rar (153 KB)