Arduino Walkie Talkie that uses phone microphone and speaker.

My idea is to attach a radio transmitter/receiver module that is capable of sending and recieving audio to the data port of a phone and utilize the phone's microphone/battery/speaker and have an app that handles the data, so you can talk to others without celluar service.

Is it possible to take audio data from the phone and transmit through the radio and audio from the receiver to the phone through just the micro usb port and/or headphone jack of a phone while still powering the device? What kind of components are necessary to do this and is it even feasible? I know arduino walkie talkies are definitely possible, but I was wondering if all this could be integrated with a phone.

If anyone could give suggestions/advice, that would be fantastic.

The problem is the phone would have to use its processor to provide an audio out to the USB. Unless it can do that with an APP or something , I’d guess you are stuck.
You also need a transmitter and receiver setup that work over a considerable distance .
I’d say a very difficult project and Walkie talkies are cheap

Find an USB device and driver that can act as a microphone (for phone input) and speaker (for phone output). Then implement just that slave type on the Arduino USB port. Finally transmit the digitized audio signals using some RF transceiver modules.

You'll probably need something a bit more powerful than an Uno, just to be able to handle the required data for basic voice transmission.

Also makes me wonder what the function of an Arduino is in a walkie talkie application.