Arduino WAV Shield filename issue

Hey all, I recently put together the WAV shield for the Arduino and everything works great! Except one thing. I want to add buttons to control things like play, pause, stop, etc, but before I do that I want to be able to see the name of the file being played so I can display it on an LCD. The file is formatted and plays fine, but when I open the serial monitor it says playing file 72696582848312649.876586. The filename on the SD card is in 8.3 format. It is "HEARTS01.WAV" but that dosnt show up. Any ideas why it wont show up? Thanks guys.

I think I remember reading a similar thread/post over at Adafruit forums.. where someone had the same results..

are you using the most recent version of the WaveHC lib? not AF_Wave or anything odd?

File names in the correct format? (no old, extra, variant WaveHC libraries anywhere?)