Arduino weather - anyone UK-based interested?

Have a potential project to use an Arduino in a relatively high-spec weather station and interested to see if anyone UK-based (ideally meet-up distance of eg Cambridge) with some Arduino expertise (especially electronic and coding) might be interested in collaborating on this? I have detailed background in weather sensors and instrumentation, but relatively new to Arduino, hence would appreciate some extra expertise to help speed things along.

I know that there’s plenty of stuff out there already on Arduino and weather but to a large extent the projects I’ve seen seem to be relatively basic and need more work to turn them into something genuinely self-contained and capable of serious, reasonably accurate and long-term weather monitoring. So the project would be focused around doing everything needed to take the basic concept up to the next level. Quite a few challenges there, but I know what we need to do.

Obviously more details available on request.

I’m contactable via email at gprodatagmailcom or via PM

John Dann

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Hi John,

We have several years of expertise developing (semi-) professional solar powered weather stations using Arduino compatible boards.
To share this with the Open Source community we launched our own board on Kickstarter last week:

We are now starting to write tutorials on and posting our code and library on Github.

We are still looking for people to team up with to continue developing the ultimate Arduino based Autonomous (Weather) sensor system.

For more information look at or mail us info [at] sodaq [dot] net

We are based in Oxford and Hilversum (Netherlands)


The SODAQ team