Arduino web controlled audio mixer.

I had an idea last night that I could use an arduino as an audio mixer, and instead of using analog potentiometers, I could use digital potentiometers and control them via the web.

Out of my mixer I need two outputs, one to go to the speakers and one to go to my headphones. But on the headphones, I want to be able to select which audio channels I want to listen to. Is there some sort of digital switch I could use to turn the audio channels on and off?


Just like there are digitally controlled potentiometer ICs, there's also multiplexing ICs that allow you to route one input to several outputs, or vice-versa; a couple of these would probably work, and people here have used them to multiplex multiple potentiometers and sensors into the arduino's analog i/o - so it should work for your needs, too.

I looked at the 4066 data sheet, and that looks like it will work perfectly for what I need.

I also need a switch like the 4066 but that is SPDT. Do you know of any that will work?

For SPST I will use the 4066 and for SPDT I will use MAX383.

I'm gonna go order my parts and an arduino. I can't wait to play with an arduino! I've never used one before.