Arduino Web Editor available to public - This board too


We do think the Arduino Web Editor is reaching is stability so we wanted to remove the invitation system and allow everyone to try our service.

To have feedback with a larger community of users we decided to open this forum board to the public in 24h from now.

I think here there are so many useful tips for other users, it really deserves to be public.

Thank you from the Arduino Create Team.

Great news :wink:

Q... can i add hardware files?

ie so i can use my custom boards with it

@boelle, not yet! But we are working on it :slight_smile:


Glad its now open...Was getting sorta quiet in here ;D

Any news on the open bug tracking ?

As soon as we are done with the bulk of the missing features (Library Manager and Secret Tab for sensitive infos) we will do the open bug tracking so it will be easier to track the fixes. Just a bit more patience and we will have all the features of the desktop IDE and we can move on refining and adding new cool things!

GREAT news!