Arduino web editor & chromebooks

At our high school we want to introduce arduino to first graders. Since they all have access to a chromebook of their own we are hoping the arduino web editor would make it possible to introduce arduino. Will this be the case? kind regards, Rogier

Hi @rdwit, it is on our road map, but we don't have a set release date for that yet. Many teachers asked for it so we are definitely taking that into consideration!

We no longer have the option of Codebender since they went out of business. This ruined my curriculum for the year for 5th and 6th graders. We need a Chromebook solution stat.

It's not Arduino-compatible, but I used the CodeBug in a kids' workshop a couple weeks ago and they loved it. All but one participant had a Chromebook and it worked perfectly.

I had been planning to use Codebender and Arduino but I had to change plans quickly when they announced their changes. The BBC micro:bit also works with Chromebooks, but it's not widely available here in the US (yet).

I'm excited to hear Chromebooks are on the Arduino Create roadmap though and can't wait to use it to teach a roomful of kids how to program!

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Hi! We're another school that could really use a Chromebook-friendly version of Arduino Create. Is there any timeline at this point that you can share with us?

I'd like to add that our middle school could really use that feature, too.

In the same boat. Trying to teach a class, but codebender went away.

Can I also request a ChromeOS compatible version of the web editor

Seems like a lot of us are in this same boat. I have a few desktops at home, but my only portable machine is my Chromebook and I could really use the ability to use that to debug. I am mounting my Arduino on something large so I will have to completely remove it to tweak code now. Really unfortunate given that a web compiler already exists. :(

Is it possible to use the Arduino Web Editor on a chromebook, download/export the sketch to a Chromebook local folder and use the AVRchick (AVRchick Link) Chromebook app to upload the file to the Arduino? I am unaware myself as I have yet to put all those peices together, but it sounds like it may work.

I am trying to download the arduino create chrome os app for my chromebook (as implied is possible here - ) but the link to the webstore is broken and I can't find it by searching the app in the chrome webstore.

Is this available for chrome os? If not, why are there links to it and content on the website suggesting it is?

Hi pmchoiniere.

I know a version for android is on the roadmap but was not fully aware it had been released yet.

I just logged into the editor from an Android device and the message I got was quite explicit about there not being a plugin for my OS That message only stays on screen briefly.

Could you put the link up for the webstore you saw it in as I cannot see it here where it mentions anything about an "app" for android devices.

I can see the link to the getting started with create and that works just fine here from a windows pc and android device. and AFAIK it will download a file specific to the OS which would be Win, Linux, Mac. None of those will run on an android though.

I certainly soo see it saying anything about chrome OS on the link you provided. The next page has three OS listed and Android is certainly not one of them there either.

CHROME as a browser on those three OS mentioned is supported and I wonder if you just got a little confused with the difference between the browser and the OS

Hi @pmchoiniere, I'm sorry but the chrome OS app is not available yet, there's an issue in the getting started and it will be fixed as soon as possible, thanks for you report!

Also to clarify we are not working on an Android app (yet), but on a Chrome OS app.

Today we finally released the support for Chrome OS devices, it is currently in private beta-testing, if you are interested please sign up at

If you want block-based arduino programming from a chromebook (or any computer running chrome) you might try

Dear 00alis,

I run a free after school programme robotics club in our elementary school and tried to install the web plug-in for Chrome OS. On my Mac it works perfectly. On the Chromebook I get the message that device is suitable for the plugin but the buttons stays grey-out and pressing it does not enable any magic to happen. We tried on different accounts but without success.

We also noticed that on ChromeOS it is a paying plugin we presume per account rather than per Chromebook. Given participation in the club is an a monthly basis and people change how can this be managed easily and centrally. I looked for answers on the forums and help pages but unfortunately could not find anything related to this.

Look forward hearing from you Kind regards Kristof

Hi @eye4tech, currently the Chrome app does not work within schools domains, that's because Google has a different store to dispatch apps for the Education environment, that's why the button stays greyed out.

We have been beta-testing the solution for the schools and we are currently working on the billing aspect. We will be able to provide schools with access to the app within a month or so.

You are right, the chrome app is tied to the account not to the Chromebook. The subscription will be on a monthly basis and you will be able to choose how many users will be having access to it. It does not matter if the users are the not same, the important part would be that their emails have the same domain (for instance and that the number of different users would not exceed the quota you have subscribed for (e.g. 20 people).

Hope this explains some of your questions. Thanks for using Arduino on your robotic club!

Have there been any changes since October? I am just learning about using Arduino, but my students have chromebooks.

MsTownsley: Have there been any changes since October? I am just learning about using Arduino, but my students have chromebooks.

Looks like there was some good news for you just announced: