Arduino Web Editor Feature requests.

Is there a feature that you are terribly missing on the Arduino Create Platform? Or do you have an idea you would like to share with us?

Please let us know by posting you feedback in this thread!

COMING UP: * Reference tab * Private sketches * Adjust the compiler flags before compiling and uploading the program

Wish List: * Add roadmap + ways to up-vote/down-vote a feature * Autoformat as in the Desktop IDE (auto indent) * Support for 3rd party boards (specifically ATTiny and ESP, Sparkfun Digital Sandbox, Adafruit Feather, Microduino) * Installation of Plugin for multiple users * Sketch version control, and a way to retrive deleted sketches and files * Github/Dropbox integration * Keep local and online Sketchbook in sync as an option * Support Yun Shield * Blind-friendly, fix compatibility with screen readers * Multi-language support * Serial Plotter * Arduino as ISP, burn bootloader * Debugger * Language support * Move the "Serial Monitor" view (pop out window) * Drag and Drop on Sketchbook panel * Download Libraries together with the sketch * Split screen friendly * Multiple errors management: show on the red error bar AND highlighted in the code. * "installation free" version using an USB-Mass-Storage device * Schematics editor * Add bootloader * Turn off metadata (set default board as in the Java IDE) * Autocomplete * Include Library when exporting/saving a sketch * Live collaboration feature (as Gdocs) * Student & teacher collaboration: accounts linked, the teacher could setup a class assignment, and students could have a "Submit to Teacher" button built into the editor page. Teachers would be able to see an "assignment" page with a listing of all of the names of the students with the appropriate links to the code from that project, multiple install of the agent on classroom PCs * Scratch or blockly-like coding environment * Integrate Processing * Edit Libraries on the Web Editor * Share custom library * Phone app * Tablet plugin * Arduino online simulation to check working process, before reducing upload cycles of the hardware. * More editor themes (other than just light and dark) * Import PDF in a sketch * Export the .hex file * Simulate the Serial Monitor for such functions as Serial.print() without needing a board or USB connection as in * Plugin for Linux 32bit

Done * Version number * Protected "credentials" tab in your Arduino sketch for sensibile info * Chromebook plugin * New SSO * Clickable URLs in the code * Copy/paste in right click * Import whole Sketchbook * Readme auto-population * Select multiple files at once to perform bulk actions * Show the memory usage (flash) when compiling * Library Manager (Probably changed to: include all the trusted library by default) * Import multiple libraries at once * Support on Edge * Support on Safari * Support for screens smaller than 1024 * Tab scaling * Public/Private Share feature * Custom Library Deletion * Support for MKR100, Arduino/Genuino 101 * Upload the whole Sketchbook to Arduino Cloud * Serial Monitor refactor

I'd love the ability to share entire groups of programs+other tabs with other users or via a publicly accessible link. I'm sure you're thinking of this, but the richer environment (adding pictures, instructions, explanations) begs to be used for teaching.

I would love to see board manager make it's way in. Especially the ability to use this with the esp8266.

is it really necesaary to have a board connected to verify my code what if i am metro and i had this astaunishing solution for a problem and i wanted to check it do i need to have always my boards with me i dont know i am just saying

It is not necessary to have a board to Verify your code, if you have already Uploaded your code onto a board a metadata will be saved. Just pressed the Verify button (the one with the checkmark).

If you are starting from scratch you can still Verify your code w/o a board by going into Select Other Board and select the board you will like the sketch to run onto.

ESP8266 module could be sellected alone. i could not find any board option about esp8266 :confused:

The library manager is still under development so esp8266 cannot be used right now. But we are working on it.

@MetalBird we are indeed already experimenting a bit with sharing features. It is in progress but takes a while. That is one of the reason why Arduino Create is born, share knowledge with others.

@mastrolinux that's great to hear! I think the more types of media you can share along with the program, the better the experience will be. Addition of pictures in the tabs is already great.

Are you trying to create a 'public share' where anyone can find/ link to the sketch or are you considering a 'private share' where the sketch is sent to a specific username?

@MetalBird we are considering both private and public shares :)

I would like to see the ability to upload your whole sketchbook easily into the cloud added and selecting code made easier

Hi @bonalybob, what do you mean with "select code made easier"?

We have a dev api to import a sketch so using it recursively to import the whole sketchbook should not be a big deal.

"select code made easier" means when editing code it is sometimes hard to select code to copy or delete as the selector will also select random other bits of code

00alis: Is there a feature that you are terribly missing on the Arduino Create Platform? Or do you have an idea you would like to share with us?

Please let us know by posting you feedback in this thread!

Ideas that were asked for so far and their status of implementations is: 1)Sharing features (Arduino cloud) - in progress 2)... ...

Hi 00alis,

I suggest you to edit your first post every time you consider a feature or idea is worth taking into consideration or even if not and also to write the status of implementation like I edited in your quoted post above.


I would love being able to drag files in the left bar in order to move them in folder. Now you must right click then move to. Otherwise this webapp is awesome thanks for the development ! Using it every day for my projects and it rocks.

It would be great to have an "installation free" version using an USB-Mass-Storage device like with "mbed" over the bootloader Adafruit uses on the "Adafruit Playground".

I would like to grab all the code of Arduino Create (is it open source??) to run a local server in my classroom without the need of Internet

@Osqui we do not know yet if we are going to open Arduino Create or not. More news in few months. @jadonmiller this is actually something we can implement relatively quickly.

@chatelao I am not even sure if an installation free version is possible, the application is very complex and involves a lot of components:

Node.js (will be moved to Golang) RetrhinkDB Arduino Builder Bots (a scalable way to compile Arduino Code) The frontend in js with Angular.js The Arduino Create Agent which runs on the client PC An object storage (now running on Amazon S3)

I think it would be nice to also simulate the Arduino electronic, online. For example, :-)

Would it be possible (or is it already and I missed it) to upload multiple tabs for a project at once. I seem to only be able to upload one tab at a time.

Single tabs are working fine, but most of my larger sketches are multiple (6+) tabs for clarity.