Arduino Web Editor Won't Verify

I'm a high school science teacher working with approximately 20 students, all on Chromebooks and using Arduino Web Editor with the paid subscription and installed app. Everyone was able to write, verify and upload sketches on Friday. Today, on Monday, about half the students cannot verify their sketches. The error message says to report to the Forum.

I believe the problem is with the accounts. I am able to log a student out of their malfunctioning account, log them into my account (while keeping the Chromebook and the Arduino the same) and the sketches will work fine.

Is there anything I can do? Or is this an issue with Arduinos servers? Any information is very helpful!!! Thank you!

I let something run over the weekend on the web editor - It was working on Friday. This morning I get a trylock ... "permission denied" error

Seth, that is the same error message we get.

Well, I'm on a PC using the "" online IDE - so it's not HW related.