Arduino web server using php without local host

Hey guys, I want to build web site using arduino but without local host, just using wifi module ip address. The site can be connected by same Wi-Fi connected device and I want run php code into Arduino without any hosting site to access the web site and control Arduino with site. Is it possible???

no. Arduino can't run php

You can write arduino C++ server code to do all kinds of stuff.
It really depends what you want to do.

I want to build a Arduino server using wifi module to turn on/ off light same wifi connected router without any internet access. I learn javascript to communicate between browser and Arduino but Arduino runs on c language. I can't bridge javascript and Arduino c language to communicate through web browser to Arduino. I don't want to use any hosting servers in this project.. Help me

I connect directly to a mkr1000 (Ip address, there is a library that uses bonjour that you can connect to a name as opposed to the ip of the device) and click a button to turn a water pump on. the one downfall is its done thru the http headers, so if I refresh my browser, the pump will cycle again. there are some good examples of running the web page from a sdcard as a file.

the example under 'File\Examples\Wifi101\AP_SimpleWebServer' is a great place to start