Arduino Webserver ENC28J60 and iPhone 6

Hi all

This is my first post but I'm desperate. I have searched every forum I can think of. I have an Arduino Uno and an ENC28J60 Ethernet card. The application is working and I'm able to access the webserver on it's ip address of I can even access it from an old iPhone 4 but the iPhone 6 cannot reach it at all. The funny thing is it can access the router through the router's ip of Makes no sense to me so I'm appealing to the network/apple/arduino gurus. Thank you in anticipation.

but the iPhone 6 cannot reach it at all.

The iPhone is running some undefined application that tries, in some undefined way, to access the Arduino-as-server, with some undefined result. And, you want us to explain the result. I'll wait for further information, if you don't mind.

You did not give a lot of details, but it looks like you are on two different subnets. Try changing your router's subnet mask (and ardunio's if needed) to instead of That will put 192.168.1.x and 192.168.0.x on the same network.

How did your iPhone get it's IP address? The 192.168.x.x addresses are considered "private" and are generally not routable (most routers will not route between them). With a subnet mask of, only the last "octet" indicates the host you are talking to and the 192.168.1 portion is the "network". The iPhone should be on the same "network" as what you are trying to talk to (only the last part of the address will be different - the host id). If your luck is like mine, your phone is using DHCP and got it's address from your neighbor's router etc. so it is talking on a different network. See Private network - Wikipedia for more information on working with Private IP addresses.

Thanks everyone. I made a mistake in the initial post. All devices in my network are getting IP addresses assigned through DHCP. The router's address is The Arduino webserver is on The iPhone 6 is and can log onto the router by going to but returns "server not responding" when going to However, my MacBook AND my iPhone 4 both access that server without a problem. Oh, so does an old Sony Experia. Only the iPhone 6 is the problem. Thanks

I'm just learning this stuff myself, but this sounds like the Arduino is not formatting a response correctly and the others are willing to roll with it, but the iphone is not. Be interesting to see just what the issue is though :confused: