Arduino + Weight Sensor to turn circuit on/off

Hi all,

My overall project is to create a stove that turns off without a pan on it.

To demonstrate feasibility I must connect a weight sensor to an arduino in order to actuate an LED. If the weight sensor is detecting a pan then the LED should turn on, but if the sensor does not detect a pan then no LED should turn on. This is to demonstrate that the sensor would be broken if no pan is detected and the stove would turn off.

I am completely new to arduino and only somewhat similar with electronics. I have a very brief background in python.

I am unsure how to get started but I have the main components gathered so far. Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Put your “weight sensor” under one of the stove feet.

Do make sure the sensor you select can handle the heat.

For your sketch:

  • make sure you know how to blink an LED on and off (look at the Blink example)
  • find a way to read your pressure sensor.
  • combine the two: switch LED state based on sensor output.