arduino weird after burning bootloader to it

I have an arduino uno r3 version 1.01 that got bricked few weeks ago. I fixed it by burning a bootloader to it using another arduino uno r3 as ISP. everything worked out fine or so I thought... I had no problem as far as all the example sketches go and uploading. So I begun a new project with the rather popular nrf24l01+ breakout board. The issue is the 'fixed' arduino does not receive any packets at all but can send without trouble, hence no two-way communication. I isolated the problem to the 'arduino system' by ensuring without doubt that the SPI is working fine (would not send packets if it did not) the trans-receiver is fine too tested with another arduino --same sketch ( getting started example in the NRF24 librally ). plus I could read and write to device registers with the 'weird arduino' . IT JUST CANNOT RECEIVE ANY PACKETS.... This is weird any leads on isolating the issue ? p/s double checked then triple checked all electrical connections plus the problem is repeatable. any helpful response would be highly appreciated

Hi, welcome to the forum.

You have an Arduino Uno R3 ? And you use Arduino IDE (the software) version 1.01 ? That is an old version, please use the newest Arduino 1.0.6 or 1.5.8 BETA.

Can you add a link to the NRF24L01+ module that you are using ? I guess it is just a module like all the others, but I want to know for sure.

Which library do you use ?

It doesn't make sense, you need the MISO and MOSI signals for the NRF24L01+, but you also need those to burn a new bootloader (in a normal situation). So I assume that they are working. And when you can read and write registers, everything should be okay.

Receiving the packets is perhaps done with an interrupt ? How did you connect that ?

In the end it is always possible that an ATmega chip is partly damaged. It happens. I called it "half-blown" in another topic.

When you re-flashed the 328P, did you validate the fuses?