Arduino Wi-Fi shield occasionally not detected


Let me start by saying I have spent some time on this, looked all over Google, and have been unable to yield an answer. I have an Uno, and an Official R3 wifi board.

For simplicity, rather than posting my code, I am trying to use the example code for the Wi-Fi lib. My code is modified version of that anyway, so it returns the same problem in the same spot.

For days, I have been trying to get the Arduino to use the WiFi board correctly. I have had two main errors, but the one that remains is "Wi-Fi shield not detected". After reading several forums, I tried different IDE's, and managed to flash the firmware on the shield correctly, and even tried putting the jumper between pin 3 and 7.

I have made progress, but not enough. Now, if I reset the Arduino a few times, and upload some code to it, then overwrite that code with the actual stuff I need, it will see the shield and connect fine...Until it is unplugged. When it is plugged back it it goes back to "Wi-Fi Shield not detected", until I again reset several times, re upload bs code, and then reload my program on to it.

As bad as it is, this doesn't even work all the time. Generally, if I repeat the process enough times I can convince it to work again until it is unplugged.

I know its not a leave it alone thing, because I have had it plugged in for over an hour, checked on it and it still was printing "Wi-Fi shield not found"

Any suggestions?

Any suggestions?

Check all the pins carefully. Sounds like one of them is not making good contact. While I often had trouble connecting to my home network, I never had any trouble having the shield detected.

Is it an R3 Uno also? No extra pins overhanging?
Do you have a SD card in the shield's slot?

Hello there,

There are 2 pins overhanging at the top, but the schematic doesn't mention them being needed. Pin 7 is the "handshake" pin, I have tried taking it out and re seating it several times with no luck. I also tried putting the wire between pin 7 and 3, which I saw on a forum can fix the issue, but it did not.