Arduino WiFi 101 & Motors Shields on MEGA 2560


I need a little assistance form you experts :stuck_out_tongue:

I am about to build a new project however I did not use Arduino before so I just would like to know few things.

First I would like to use both Arduino WiFi 101 shield and Arduino Motor shield so can I do this? I will use jumpers to make the connection however I am not sure from the schematic files in the website how to connect them in order to operate without sticking each one in top of the other which I do not want to.

If I used both shields and connected them with jumpers, can I add sensors and maybe a camera to my original MEGA board (I am designing a controlled rover robot which I have a laptop (the controller) and the Arduino MEGA (the robot).

Finally, can I use TWO Motor Shields and the WiFi 101 shield? in case I need four motors to make the robot looks like a car...

Also if anyone knows the Motor Shield Allow me to control the movement of the motors freely with breaking and speeding up if programmed correctly or do i need verso motors?

Many Thanks,